Year End Fundraising 2014

Dear Friends:

Buddha Eye Temple Bell

In keeping with the traditional Buddhist teaching on generosity, our temple has had the practice of relying on from-the-heart contributions to fulfill our financial needs. Since 2011, each December we have made a year-end appeal to help meet our yearly budget.  Each year, you, the members of our extended community, have met our appeal with a decisive show of support, surpassing our fund raising goal all three years.  It is truly humbling to see how deeply the roots of our support, and the roots of support for the Buddha-Dharma, extend into the world.  It has come to the time again this year when we would like to ask for your support in meeting our budget shortfall for 2014.

Our final calculations through November, which includes adjustments for any over-budgeting in particular areas, show we have a shortfall of $17,500.  This is up significantly from last year.  A number of factors may have contributed to this larger shortfall:  the excitement and relative upheaval of the construction project seems to have disrupted our monthly contributions as dana offerings are down about $5,000 from last year; unforeseen expenses with the construction project required us to undertake additional fund-raising which may have lessened the capacity for some to maintain their regular dana offerings.  Also, our budget shifted slightly this year to include some additional expenses for supporting Sogaku’s training and a change in our income from the residential program. Please note that more detailed financial information, including a rundown of all of our year-to-date expenses and income, is available to anyone—simply contact us via phone or e-mail with your request.

Even though the construction project has been challenging, exciting, and perhaps somewhat disorienting, we still need to meet our financial obligations for this year. As we reflect on the place of the temple in our lives and our enthusiasm for the future with our new hall, we still have the need to maintain a stable and financially viable community temple.

Offerings are a direct celebration of our interdependence. The temple depends on support from the community to stay financially healthy and active, and the community depends on the temple to remind us that compassion and wisdom reverberate throughout the world and that we can realize them in our own life.

To contribute to the drive, you may use the enclosed envelope to mail donations. In addition to this mailing, there is a special offerings altar in the front room of the Temple on which you may place donations. Contributions made through December 31st may be written off on your 2014 taxes, and a tax receipt will be mailed to all contributors. We will keep our Temple attendees apprised of our progress through regular announcements.

Our immense gratitude goes out to all of you for your continued support and for your practice of the Buddha's teachings. May we, together with all beings, realize the Buddha Way.

In Gassho,

Buddha Eye Temple Board of Directors

Thelma Soderquist, Geoff Colvin, Ejo McMullen, Issei Weil, Jikie Peterson, Kogen Houseknecht, Seiyo Kleinfelder, Zuishin Madrone