December 2014 Newsletter

Nine Bows of Appreciation

  • Everyone who donated meals and snacks to support Rohatsu sesshin
  • Sesshin participants for garden clean-up during Rohatsu
  • Carmelita for donating and planting flower bulbs in the garden

 Begging Bowl

  • Tea (herbal and black)
  • Natural stone stepping stones for new outside paths
  • Garden tools - rubber coated garden gloves and loppers

Current News and Events

Holiday Schedule Changes

From December 22, 2014 -January 3, 2015, regular daily practice will be suspended, but Sunday programs on December 21 & 28 will continue as scheduled. 

New Years' Celebration

The New Years' celebration will be held on Sunday, January 11 as part of the Sunday program. See article at right.

Holiday Craft Sale Extended Hours

The holiday craft sale will be open until after Christmas. There are lots of great items still available for those last minute gifts, including malas, prayer flags, homemade mustard, and teas. We also have zafus for sale for $45, great for those establishing a home practice. Thank you to all the artists who contributed items for the craft sale!

Addiction Recovery: Meditation & Spiritual Discussion 

First Wednesday of each month.
5:30-6pm Meditation
6-7pm Discussion
Contact: Seiyo (Bren) 541-743-3583

Words from Ejo

When I work with couples preparing for marriage, I always make sure and tell them that, although I deeply believe in marriage as a path, marriage doesn’t work.  The most central connections in our life are not about “working”.  They are about freedom, the freedom that comes when we stop deliberations and commit, the freedom that comes with doing something completely.  Sometimes those connections are with people, but sometimes they are also with a place.

Several years ago we set a process in motion to determine what kind of temple we wanted to become, and over several years of clarification and exploration our vision of a “community temple” emerged.   Along with that visioning, we decided we wanted to stay put.  We deeply value how our temple is part of a neighborhood, something that can be difficult to arrange with all the various zoning regulations.  Not only do we like where we are, but what we are has grown out of this place: this neighborhood, these rocks, these people.  

As the year draws to an end, it occurs to me that 2014 will mark one of the most important years in our temple’s history.  As this is the year we actually committed to 2190 Garfield as our home.  Just like with marriage, it isn’t about working.  This commitment is about the freedom to love.

Year-End Direct Donation Drive

As we go to press on the 19th of December, total proceeds so far for our 2014 year-end donation drive are $5,088 toward our goal of $17,500 - only $12,412 to go! Many bows to everyone who has offered their support so far. Funds donated during the course of the drive will allow us to meet our budgeted 2014 expenses.

You may place your donation in the offering bowl at the Zendo, send it by mail, or make an online donation through PayPal.

If you did not receive the fundraising letter in the mail, copies are available here.

Make a secure online donation through PayPal  We deeply appreciate your generosity.

New Year Celebration

New Year 2015 will look a bit different at the temple this year.  Rather than having our main New Year celebration on the 1st of January, it will be held on Sunday, January 11th as part of the regular Sunday morning program.  There will be a Great Prajna Paramita ceremony followed by delicious Japanese new year food.  Please bring family and friends!  Prayer tablets (OFUDA) and special blessings will also be offered to participants.

The temple will also be open on January 1 from 12 to 3 PM  if you would like to stop by to offer new year incense to the Buddha and Bodhisattvas and have a cup of tea. 

Jukai: Receiving the Precepts

There will be a sewing group getting underway late January for people preparing for Jukai.  If you have spoken with Ejo about receiving the precepts, please contact Anyu, the sewing teacher,  to let her know you will be participating.  You may email Anyu at If you are interested in Jukai but have not yet spoken with Ejo, please do so directly.  

We will begin holding Jukai once a year as part of the spring sesshin.  There will be a series of Tuesday evening classes on the precepts open to everyone as well as a sewing and study group leading up to Jukai for those participating.  Please feel free to ask anyone with a rakusu what Jukai is about!  It would be good for them to get the question and you to get the answer.

Construction Update

There has been lots of progress since the last construction update. The outside shell of the addition has been completed, the roof is on, and the outside siding and painting is done. Now we are in the progress of installing three sets of glass double doors facing the garden. Inside, the hand-troweled plaster finish is complete. In January, we will be putting a team together to lay the wood floor. If you are interested, talk to Ejo, or send an email to

Buddha Eye Bulletin 

At our community meeting on November 16, one of the topics we discussed focused on ways to improve timely communication within the sangha. There was a consensus that sending email bulletins once or twice a month would be very helpful and well-received, leading to this updated format. The Bulletin will include such features as a message from Ejo, upcoming events, schedule changes, appreciations, and a begging bowl for needed temple items.

We appreciate any feedback and ideas that you have. You can get in touch with Karuna Neustadt, who is coordinating the Bulletin, at