Dharma Talks

From Eshin:

      Please note the updated Dharma talks on the Teachings page.  The style in which they are presented is a work in progress, but it is my intention to involve the members of the Sangha in the process, as you will note Rokan's song-bird accompanied introduction to Kenshin's talk from August 16th.  I hope you find them pleasant to listen to. I humbly accept any suggestions given as to how we can collaborate to present these encounters with Dharma with the utmost beauty and integrity they deserve. If you are present for a talk, be on the look-out. I may pull you aside to voice the introduction or your own reflections of the talk.  

     I think the Butsugenji community shares a sincere hope that the Mahasangha find nourishing reflection in the teachings offered by Ejo and others at Buddha Eye Temple. 

In loving oneness,