4-day Sesshin October 8-11

Buddha Eye Temple - Zoto Zen

Sesshin is a word which means literally "to gather the mind". It is a time for practice which is intensive and also deeply settled. Setting aside grasping and rejecting, picking and choosing, we simply meet what is most directly present with attention and openness, moment after moment. Sesshin at Buddha Eye Temple consist of nine or so 40-minute periods of zazen interspersed with kinhin, or walking meditation, chanting, formal oryoki-style vegetarian meals, and samu, or work practice.

Participants should submit a registration form by Sunday, October 4 to allow for space and food preparation. Part-time participants are welcome: simply indicate on your registration form which meals and work periods you will attend. Anyone may drop in for zazen at the scheduled times without pre-registration. For full-time participants, dormitory space is available for overnight stays.

Though there is no fee for sesshin, temple costs are significant and monetary donations are gratefully accepted as the practice of generosity. Donations of bread and soup for our evening meals are also gratefully accepted. If you would like to donate food for sesshin, please speak with Ejo or one of the temple residents.

Dormitory space is available for overnight stays. Instruction in oryoki is available and recommended beforehand for those with no experience; please speak with Sogaku to set up a lesson. 

Schedules and registration forms are available below

Sesshin Registration
Sesshin Schedule