March 2016 Sesshin

Sesshin, meaning “to gather the mind,” is a traditional silent Zen meditation intensive. It is an opportunity to come together as a Sangha in support of our practice where we create a space to settle deeply into sitting and embody the teachings of Buddha. Setting aside grasping and rejecting, picking and choosing, together we simply meet what is most directly present with attention and openness, moment after moment.

Sesshin at Buddha Eye Temple consist of zazen interspersed with kinhin (walking meditation) chanting, samu (work practice) and formal oryoki-style vegetarian meals. If you would like to offer an evening meal of soup and bread, please contact us or sign up at the temple. Offerings for the snack table are also welcome, and cheese, crackers, fruit, and nuts are appreciated as much as sweets.

There are options both for full-time and part-time participation. To help facilitate a settled practice space, part-time participants who wish to attend meals and samu should coordinate participation with the following “practice blocks” (see schedule on rear): (1) Morning zazen through breakfast (2) Morning samu through lunch; (3) Afternoon samu through dinner. You may attend any zazen periods on the schedule without pre-registration. Please arrive and leave during breaks or kinhin.

For first-time attendees who will receive meals, oryoki eating instruction is required and should be arranged with the retreat leader, Sogaku, prior to sesshin. There will be no instruction during sesshin. Dormitory-style sleepover accommodations are available primarily for full-time attendees or out-oftown participants, with separate spaces for men and women. Mattresses, linens, and blankets are available. Please bring towels and any necessary toiletries.

If you are able to do outdoor work, please bring work clothing, work shoes, and rain gear. Do not bring clocks, watches, cell phones, computers, music devices, journals, or books. Please register no later than Sunday, March 6. It is fine to submit registration information by e-mail. If for any reason your schedule changes during sesshin, please communicate with the retreat leader or leave a message on the temple answering machine.

Sesshin Schedule
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