Fall 2017 Schedule


Liberation on the Bodhisattva Path

Sundays 10 AM, October 1 - November 19
Ejo McMullen, Head Teacher of Buddha Eye

Buddhist practice is about seeking profound liberation starting right where you are.  The ancient teachings of the Six Perfections are an indispensable guide in connecting our day-to-day living with our deep intention to live through compassion and wisdom.   In this series of Sunday talks Head Teacher of Buddha Eye Temple, Ejo McMullen, will offer instruction on the cultivation of liberation through meditation, wisdom, generosity, integrity, patience and energy.  These instructions will happen as part of the Sunday program.


Dharma Text Study:  Buddha Nature (BUSSHO) 

Tuesdays 7 PM, Ongoing starting October 5
Ejo McMullen, Head Teacher of Buddha Eye

While awakening can never be reduced to or captured in words, one way we receive the Buddha Dharma is through the words of our ancestors.  By encountering their expressions of the path we can more fully come to understand that the same path is directly under our own feet.  On Tuesday evenings starting October 5 we will plunge into Buddha Nature, one of the most important texts of Dogen-zenji, the founder of the Soto School of Zen in Japan.  In this text we will explore the foundations of Mahayana thought through Dogen?s radical presentation of universal awakening.  No registration is required and there will be texts available at the temple.  This is an ongoing class and all interested are encouraged to join in when you like.

Ritual Forms Cadre

Thursdays 9 AM, Ongoing starting October 5

This group will spend time over the next several months studying and refining the ritual forms of Buddha Eye Temple.  Cadre members will help facilitate our regular assemblies and special ceremonies by fulfilling the various roles necessary (such as presenter, time keeper, incense assistant etc.)   This training is open to anyone who would like to join, but members need to make a commitment to regular attendance.

Dharma Seminar

Thursdays 7 PM, 9/28, 10/19, 11/9,11/30, 12/14
Ejo McMullen, Head Teacher of Buddha Eye

Dharma Seminar is for students who would like to deepen their understanding through rigorous examination of core buddhist teachings and inquiry into how they become powerful medicine. Seminar students will be expected to attend all five seminar meetings, read several texts, write a short essay for each meeting, and attend the Liberation of the Bodhisattva teachings on Sunday mornings (or listen to them on line when unable to attend). ˇThe three texts for this seminar will be the Diamond Sutra, The Prajnaparamita in 8,000 Lines, and The Six Perfections: Buddhism and the Cultivation of Character. REGISTRATION IS REQUIRED, email ejo@buddhaeye.org

Full Practice Schedule Reboot

Regular Practice Schedule resumes October 1

We have taken a longer break from our full practice schedule this summer as Ejo and the community have been attending to the death of Ejo's daughter, Satsuki.  We will restart the daily practice schedule outlined below.  Please note there are small adjustments from previous schedules:

Daily (Monday - Friday)

4:45 AM  Gates Open:  Zazen
5:45  AM Robe Verse and Kinhin
6:00  AM Zazen  (Sanzen available on Tue. and Thu.)
6:40  AM Morning Service
7:20  AM Temple Cleaning
7:45  AM Breakfast
9:00  AM Morning Work or  Study
12:00  PM Lunch
1:30  PM Afternoon Work
4:00  PM Evening Service
Events after 4:30 PM please check the calendar

Sunday Morning Assembly

8:50 AM  Intro to Zazen available
9:00 AM Zazen
9:40 AM  Break
10:00 AM Service and Zazen
10:45 AM  Dharma Talk
11:30 AM  Fellowship
Please feel free to join in when you like.
Events after 11:30 AM please check the calendar

Monday Afternoon Sanzen (one on one meeting with teacher)

4:30 PM - 6:00 PM Sanzen : sign up sheet next to bell on engawa

Tuesday Evening Study

7:00 PM  Sastra Recitation and Zazen
7:45 PM  Class (see calendar for details)

Wednesday Morning Work Party

9:00  AM 12:00 PM Work
12:15 PM 1:15 PM Lunch 

Wednesday afternoon Sanzen (one on one meeting with teacher)

4:30 PM - 6:00 PM  Sanzen - sign up sheet next to bell on engawa

Thursday Evening

Various classes and events scheduled for most Thursdays.  Please refer to the calendar.

Ongoing Calendar

Please check our online calendar and event postings for more details.