The Sixteen Bodhisattva Precepts

The Sixteen Bodhisattva Precepts represent our aspiration in practice to live an ethical life.
Their challenge lies in the place of practice that harmonizes both their literal as well as their
ultimate meaning. Thus the precepts must be lived out moment to moment from a sincere heart
rather than become rigid measures of right and wrong. Taking refuge in the Sangha, we rely on
our collective wisdom to fully meet a wide array of situations. As an organization, we wish to
offer the dharma freely to all without discrimination and ensure the safety of our members. We
expect those in positions of authority to act ethically and for members to treat each other with
respect. Our aspiration and practice is to cultivate lives that are an expression of the following



The Three Refuges:

Refuge in Buddha, refuge in Dharma, and refuge in Sangha.

The Three Pure Precepts:

  1. Embracing codes and forms.
  2. Embracing good dharmas.
  3. Embracing living beings.

The Ten Grave Precepts:

  1.  Not killing.
  2.  Not stealing.
  3.  Not misusing sexuality.
  4.  Not speaking falsely.
  5.  Not dealing in intoxicants.
  6.  Not discussing faults.
  7.  Not praising self and criticizing others.
  8.  Not being stingy with dharma or wealth.
  9.  Not being angry.
  10.  Not disparaging the three treasures.