Wealth and Dharma are both offered,
giving rise to immeasurable merit. 
Perfection of Generosity
completely round and full.
Reaching the Dharma World
with equal benefit for all.


Supporting the Temple

In the time of Shakyamuni Buddha, monks would walk an alms round each morning through the local village with a large bowl. Villagers would place food in that bowl and whatever the monk received would be what was eaten that day. Relying on the spirit of that way of life, Butsugenji is supported solely by donations. There is no charge for any event. We rely on freely given offerings to support the teaching of Buddhadharma and daily functioning of the temple as a vehicle for practice.

Tax Deductions

Donations given to Buddha Eye are tax deductible, though personal donations to the priest are not. If you would like a letter at the end of each year acknowledging the amount you’ve given, please include a note with your donation.